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Chemistry and Chemical Engineering: Site-licensed services

Covers key library resources for chemists and chemical engineers who want to search bibliographic terms, chemical structures, chemical reactions, and physical properties or numeric data. Also includes software and collaborative tools as well as methods t

Site licensed services by the Stanford Libraries


Name of Service Brief Description
Overleaf Collaborative writing and publishing tool

Collaborative tool to create detailed and interactive methods and protocols
BrowZine Find and read new journal articles.  Put favorite journal titles on My Bookshelf. 

Also see: Bibliography management tools.

Campus site license for Overleaf Professional

Access Overleaf Professional



Personalization features:

  • With My Bookself, users may easily follow titles of interest and be notified when new articles are published
  • My articles enables offline reading of saved articles
  • Integration with EndNote, RefWorks, Mendeley and other bibliographic services.


BrowZine tutorials