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Software Licensed by the Science Library: Access and Download

The Robin Li and Melissa Ma Science Library has purchased campus-wide site licenses for several products. Access to all of these products is limited to current Stanford students, faculty, and staff.


The Stanford Libraries have a campus-wide site license to a number of software programs from Schrödinger.  Our current license is renewed in August. These programs are available to all current students, faculty, and staff at Stanford University for not-for-profit, academic research, and for instructional use.  Our license agreement excludes affiliated/sponsored users or third parties. Commercial use is explicitly prohibited for this product.  Please see license terms.

This is collaborative effort with the Stanford Research Computing Center and the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning who are providing computing support for Schrödinger software on campus.

Options for using Schrödinger software

Personal computers: All current students, faculty, and staff at Stanford can install Schrödinger software on their personal computer.

High Performance Computing Cluster: The Stanford Research Computing Center has installed Schrödinger software on Sherlock 3.0, a High Performance Computing Linux cluster, which supports sponsored or departmental research.  Please note that Sherlock 3.0 is only for research, not instructional use.  Please also note that Schrödinger software is only on Sherlock 3.0.  

Accounts are created for lab groups, not individuals.   To request a group account for using Schrödinger, a Principal Investigator (PI) should send email to Amanda Nelson that includes their name and SUNet ID.   PIs should also send names and SUNet IDs for others in their group that should have access to Schrödinger on Sherlock 3.0.  Thanks to the Vice Provost and Dean of Research, there is no charge to PIs for using Schrödinger software on Sherlock 3.0.

Key contacts for help


License terms for Schrödinger software at Stanford

At a glance:

  • Limited to current students, faculty, and staff at Stanford (cannot be shared with third parties or with affiliated/sponsored users).
  • Only available for academic research and educational purposes.
  • Prohibits funding support by commercial organizations if research results include ownership of intellectual property, commercial or proprietary interest, or rights in the outcome.
  • Use of the software for commercial purposes such as patenting research results requires users to buy a commercial version of the software.
  • Prohibits users from modifying, decompiling, or creating derivative works of the software.

By downloading and installing the software, you are agreeing to abide by all of the contract's Terms of Use.  Please contact Sarah Forzetting if you want to view the full contract, have questions, or need further clarification.