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Software Licensed by the Science Library: PyMOL and AxPyMOL

The Robin Li and Melissa Ma Science Library has purchased campus-wide site licenses for several products. Access to all of these products is limited to current Stanford students, faculty, and staff.

General Overview of PyMOL and AxPyMOL

PyMOL is a comprehensive software package for rendering and animating 3D structures.

AxPyMOL is a software tool for using PyMOL features in Microsoft Powerpoint.


Image credit: Black BG Ribbon, a cartoon from the PyMOL Wiki

  • What's available: We have a campus-wide site license for PyMOL and AxPyMOL software plus "incentive" content that includes the latest version of the software, official documentation, and support materials.  
  • Eligible users: All current students, faculty, and staff at Stanford.
  • Runs on: Windows, Macintosh, Linux. (AxPyMOL not available on Mac/Linux)
  • Where to get on campus: Download to personal computer or laptop, use on Cluster Computers.
  • No network connection required: After installation, the software can be used "offline."
  • License expires: Our current license agreements are valid through 7/31/2026.