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Software Licensed by the Science Library: At a glance

The Robin Li and Melissa Ma Science Library has purchased campus-wide site licenses for several products. Access to all of these products is limited to current Stanford students, faculty, and staff.

Site Licensed Software

The Robin Li and Melissa Ma Science Library has purchased campus-wide site licenses for several products. Access to all of these products is limited to current Stanford students, faculty, and staff.

To use licensed resources from off-campus, you should do two things.

  1. Set up your browser so that you are prompted to enter a SUNet ID when trying to use Stanford licensed content. Please see SUL’s Connecting from off-campus.

Computer clusters

Software, apps, and widgets

Essential Stanford Software (ESS)

ESS is a collection of applications that help you plug into the Stanford network (SUNet) and access University computing services safely and securely. Applications are available for both Windows and Macintosh computers.

Software offered directly from Software Licensing

The University IT Software Licensing office acts as a main point of contact for software that is available for purchase or use on campus. Many products are licensed and distributed directly through the software web store. If we don't offer it, the Software Licensing office can help you find the best alternative source. If there is general and continuing interest in a software product not yet offered on campus, we will research the request to see if we can negotiate an agreement that will benefit the University.

Software at Stanford

The Software at Stanford site provides information about software available for use or purchase on campus. For most items, you’ll find a link that takes you directly to a product page or download site.

FarmShare 2

FarmShare is one of the Stanford shared research computing environments. 

Bibliography management software

Tips for using bibliographic citation management tools, including ChemWorx, EndNote, Mendeley, RefWorks, and Zotero.  The Stanford University Libraries have site-licenses for RefWorks and Mendeley.   EndNote is available at the Stanford Bookstore.  ChemWorx and Zotero is free.

Computer, Multimedia and Software Resources on cluster computers

Learn what software is available on library-managed computers for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Science and engineering mobile apps

Mobile resources may be available in iOS or Android, or may be web sites that support mobile devices.

Tech Lounge at Lathrop Library

Hardware, software, training, and consulting for students, faculty, and instructors using multimedia in their work.

Equipment available for checkout from the Libraries

Stanford affiliates can check out and use specialized equipment for image, audio, and video editing, including cameras, flatbed scanners, world-format VCRs, iPads, plus more.

Computational Services and Bioinformatics Facility at Stanford

The CSBF provides a variety of software for scientific research and general administrative use. Researchers can gain access to these software products at a significantly lower cost, through a yearly membership in the CSBF.

Temporary Info Location for Connecting to e-Resources

The Stanford Libraries provide access to thousands of licensed electronic resources.

When you are on the Stanford network:  you can seamlessly connect to these resources from links in SearchWorks, Google Scholar, citation lists, email, and social media.

When you are not on the Stanford network:  e-resource providers need to be aware of your Stanford affiliation and Stanford Libraries' licenses. Without this information, the e-resource provider may ask you to provide personal information and/or pay for access.

To connect to e-resources from any location

Surest option   —   desktop, laptop, mobile

  • Use the e-resource links provided in SearchWorks or on the library website. 
    These links have a Stanford license prefix built in. For journals, you can see the dates covered by our subscription. 

Easy option for broad access   —   desktop, laptop

  • Install the Lean Library browser extension.
    1. Download the extension and follow the prompts to add it to your browser.
    2. Under "Select your library" choose Stanford University.
    3. Click Save.
  • Your browser will now detect Stanford Libraries-licensed resources in any context. You will be prompted to authenticate with your SUNet ID when necessary. 
  • Be sure to uninstall the extension after you graduate or end your Stanford affiliation.

Advanced options   —   desktop, laptop, mobile

Getting help

If you are having a problem with Lean Library extension or if you are unable to connect to an electronic resource:

Lane Medical Library

Lane provides specialized tools and extension for their licensed resources.