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Lab safety: Safety videos

Provides chemical safety information resources and search strategies for students, faculty, and staff working in a lab.

Working alone in the lab. What if?

Safety video collections

Videos in the Dow Lab Safety Academy (on 2020-09-07):

  • Safety Orientation & Training: Office Ergonomics; PPE Basics; Waste Handling; Housekeeping; Basic Electrical Safety; Fire Extinguisher Basics; Fall, Slip & Trip Prevention; Lone Worker; and Laboratory Ergonomics.
  • Specialized Topics: Fume Hood Basics, Gas Cylinder User, Glassware Handling, Mechanical Integrity, Vacuum Equipment, Biological Hazards, Nanoparticle Safety, Cryogenics, and Pyrophorics.
  • Sustainable Safety Culture: Making Safety Personal, Inspections, Interventions, Recognition, Mentoring, Near Miss Reporting, Learning Experiences, Effective Safety Communications, Sustainability, and Leadership Engagement.
  • Plan, Evaluate & Execute: Lab Hazard/Management of Change, Lab Hazard Assessment/Trigger Grid Inspections, Safe Operation Card, Reactive Chemicals, Energy Calculations, Interpreting Material Safety Data Sheets, Chemical Labeling, Sample Transportation & Shipping, and Line of Fire.