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Colonial states and African societies: Nigeria

Resources for the study of African colonial history including Belgian, British, and French colonial history.


Oxford Handbook of Nigerian History
Toyin Falola (ed.), Matthew M. Heaton (ed.). New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2022]

Oxford Handbook of Nigerian Politics
edited by Carl Levan and Patrick Ukata. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2018

Catalog of Nigerian Pamphlets on Microfilm.
Compiled by the African Collection, Yale University Library, New Haven, Connecticut for the Cooperative Africana Materials Project and the Center for Research Libraries. 
August 2003. 60 pages.

 Citations to 1,000 pamphlets on microfilm. Included are market literature titles from the Simon Ottenberg collection. Types of pamphlets - Nigeria, Biafra, Southern Nigeria government publications, market literature, political party pamphlets, church and religious pamphlets, magazines and other serials. Authors include Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Samuel A.Crowther, the Action Party, N.C.N.C. Dates range from the late 19th century to pre-World War II and the mid 1960s. Languages - English, Yoruba, Ibo, Hausa. There is an index by author and subject.

The microfilm is available on Interlibrary Loan from CAMP, Cooperative African Materials Project, based at the Center for Research Libraries, Chicago. Microfilm:


National  Archives of Nigeria. Enugu and Calabar - Rescuing Eastern Nigerian history: preserving the holdings of Enugu and Calabar regional archives (EAP052)

The Catalogue:
EAP052/1 Selection of Records from the Office of the Secretary, Southern Provinces, Nigeria [1930s-1940s]
EAP052/2 Selection of Records from the Calabar Division Office, Calabar Province, Nigeria [1949-1955]
Contents as of 2019 were 7 records from the Enugu and Calabar Archives from the late 1800s to 1960. Southern Province Records, Intelligence Reports on Clans, Calabar Division Office Records, Petition from woman regarding her estate, Petitons / appeals against tax assessments in Calabar. [KF]
The Archive - or

National Archives of Nigeria, Kaduna - Northern Nigeria: Precolonial documents preservation scheme - major project (EAP535)
In English, Arabic, Hausa, Ajami. British colonial documents and Arabic and Hausa manuscripts.

  • Background on the British Library Endangered Archives project: or DOI:
  • Northern Province Secretariat, provincial files, Divisional & District Office records, court records, maps, photographs 1897-1920. 
    Topics include slavery, Islam, labor, agriculture, culture, reform of Caliphate institutions.
  • Arabic & Hausa Manuscripts. Covers "the social, economic and political history of the Sokoto Caliphate (the largest 19th century Islamic empire in West Africa)" - local chronicles,  correspondence, legal documents, religious literature late 18th century to 1903.
  • Collection EAP087/2:"Selection of Records from the Office of the Secretary of the Northern Provinces, Nigeria"
  • The Archives.
  • A study based on the documents: "Convict labour in early colonial Northern Nigeria: a preliminary study," by Mohammed Bashir Salau. Chapter in "From Dust to Digital: Ten Years of the Endangered Archives Programme"  Maja Kominko (ed.) Cambridge : Open Book Publishers, 2016.    1 online resource. or


[Intelligence reports on Southern Nigeria; a collection of unpublished reports prepared by British colonial officials] 1932 1942.
16 reels
Hoover Library MFILM JQ3099.S5N5
For inventory see Nigeria. [Intelligence reports...inventory list] 5 leaves
in Hoover Stacks JQ3099.S5N5 Index
CRL also has the microfilm and has put online the Inventory / Guide


Nigeria. Legislative Council.

Imprint: Lagos, Government Printer.
[Superseded by: Nigeria. House of Representatives. Debates 1952]
Hoover Library Stacks.
Library has: 1-24, 1924-46; new ser. 1-5, 1947-51//
Call Number: G.D. NIGERIA


Nigeria. House of Representatives.

Library has: 1952-1960
Hoover Library Stacks.
Call number G.D. NIGERIA


Nigeria. House of Representatives.
Parliamentary debates 

Lagos : Federal Ministry of Information, Printing Division,
1961-1966: Jan. 15
Hoover Library Stacks
Call number G.D. NIGERIA


Nigeria. National Assembly debates. House of Representatives, official report

1979-1982, 1999-2001, 2003-2007, 2011-2013
Green Library, SAL 1/2, SAL3


Nigeria. National Assembly. House of Representatives.
Votes and proceedings

Green Library Stacks
Library has: 1999/2000-2000/2001, 2003/2004
Call number J745 .K27 F

2008-2018  NOT complete.
Call number J745 .K27 F

Nigeria. House of Representatives.
Votes and proceedings

[Abuja, Nigeria]
Latest: assem.7:sess.2:no.1 (2012:October 10)

Green Library
Call number J745 .G32 F ASSEM.6 SESS.1 JUN 2007/08


Nigeria. National Assembly journal
Abuja, Nigeria
2006-2019 not complete
Green Library


Nigeria. National Assembly. Senate.
Debates; official report

Hoover Library Stacks
Access: Items must be requested in advance and viewed on-site.
Library has: 1960/61-65/66
Call number  G.D. NIGERIA


Nigeria. National Assembly debates. Senate, official report
Green Library Stacks
1980-1981,1999-2002, 2004, 2008, 2017-2018


Nigeria. National Assembly. Senate.

Green Stacks
Library has: assembly 5:session 1:v.3/4(2004:Jan.13/June 2)
Call number J745 .J216B F


Nigeria. National Assembly. Senate.
Senate report

[Abuja?] : Senate Committee Office, 200
Latest: 1999/2000
Green Library
Call number J745 .J21 F
Facebook page

Nigeria. National Assembly. Senate.
Votes and proceedings

Abuja : National Assembly
Green Library 1999/2000-2009 NOTcomplete.
SAL3  2005, 2008-2018  NOT complete.


Senate resolutions
[Abuja] : Senate Committee on Rules and Business
Green Library Stacks
Library has: v.1(2007/2009)-
J745 .J216D 2011/2013     
J745 .J216D 2009/2010
J745 .J216D 2007/2009


Nigeria. National Assembly [official web site]
Votes and Proceedings.


Nigeria. Official Gazette. 1958-1989
Online issues at the Center for Research Libraries. May not be complete.

See also the probably complete

Colonial Law in Africa.  Three series

1808-1919, 1920-1945, 1946-1966

Nigeria and Cameroon under colonial rule, in government reports, 1887-1962
East Ardsley, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom : Microform Academic Publishers, [2016]
1 online resource (10 volumes (188 documents; 81,604 pages))


Nigerian Labor Soures

Lagos labour archive [microform].
Zug [Switzerland] : I.D.C.
219 microfiches
Hoover Library
1. Nigerian Ports Authority files (fiche 1-41)
2. Dock labour contractors (fiche 42-58)
3. Biney and Co., Ltd. files (fiche 59-71)
4. Trade unions (general) files (fiche 72-79)
5. NPA publications (fiche 80-125)
6. Draft materials (fiche 126-128)


Nigerian Labour Archive. (Collection Chief A. Fagbenro Beyioka).
62 microfiche
Hoover Library MFiche HD6870.N5N54
Covers 1943-1975.

The above are microfiched documents on Nigerian trade unions 1943-1975, edited by Peter Waterman and published by Inter Documentation Company (IDC). Peter Waterman's Ph.D. (1983) was on the political and theoretical significance of portworker and dockworker relations in Lagos (Nigeria) until the 1970s. Background on Peter Waterman and contents of his Papers are held in Amsterdam.

Records of the U.S. State Department [microform] : Nigeria : political and governmental affairs, February 1963-1966 : subject-numeric file POL. United States. Department of State.
Woodbridge, CT : Primary Source Media, Gale Cengage Learning.

11 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.
Media Microtext desk
Call number MFILM N.S. 17070
Gale Primary Source Media Online Guide. 35 pages.


Pamphlets [in print] on Nigeria in Hoover Library.
Hoover has print editions of pamphlets from many countries. They are kept in manilla envelopes and cataloged under Library of Congress subject headings. To find the Nigerian pamphlets,
1. in Searchworks
2. put in the below -
  nigeria pamphlet collection


Catalogue of Nigerian pamphlets on microfilm / compiled by the African Collection, Yale University Library for the Cooperative Africana Microform Project and the Center for Research Libraries
New Haven, Conn. : The Library, [1979]
61 pages.

This catalog indexes the pamphlet collections below.
1. Nigerian pamphlets [selected for filming by Kristin Mann] 1 reel
Hoover Library MFILM DT515.1.N688
26 pamphlets dating from 1889-1945


2. Nigerian pamphlets and other publications collected by Simon Ottenberg [microform].
Stanford, CA : Hoover Institution, 2015.
18 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.
Hoover Library

Inventory of the microfilm at the Online Archive of California.
14 pages


3. Nigerian pamphlets collected by Philip Rappaport [microform]. 1 reel
Center for Research Libraries (Chicago)


4. Nigerian pamphlets filmed from the collections of the Ibadan University Library [microform]. 18 reels.
Center for Research Libraries (Chicago)


5. Great Britain. Colonial Office
Great Britain Colonial Office pamphlets about Africa
[London, Eng. : The Office, 1974?]
24 reels ; 35 mm
Hoover Library MFILM DT6.G785
NOTE Pamphlet collection containing materials on Africa, Central Africa, West Africa,
Congo, Gambia, Gold Coast, Lagos, Mauritius, Nigeria, Rhodesia, and Sierra Leone
Hoover Library

Also an inventory:
Great Britain. Colonial Office. Title: Pamphlets about Africa; microfilm 698 Duquesne University Library.
Contents listing by Donald Vrabel. 
Imprint: Pittsburgh, Pa., Duquesne University Library, 1974. 
 1 v. (various pagings) 28 cm.
Hoover Library Reference DT6.G785 1974


Colonial Nigeria : court case documents, 1905-1924
2 linear feet (2 manuscript boxes and 1 flat box)

Photocopies of court records from Nigeria under colonial rule. Box 1 contains records from 1913 to 1916; Box 2 contains records from 1916 to 1924; and Box 3 contains oversize records from 1915

Professor Paul Lovejoy coordinated a project at the Nigerian National Archives in Kaduna to examine and index the provincial court records from the colonial period for Northern Nigeria. Professor Richard Roberts of Stanford asked Lovejoy that copies be made for use of students in his class on Law in Colonial Africa

Green Library, Special Collections