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Colonial states and African societies: Tanganyika

Resources for the study of African colonial history including Belgian, British, and French colonial history.


Tanzania and Malawi in records from colonial missionaries, 1857-1965
East Ardsley, Wakefield, United Kingdom : Microform Academic Publishers,

  • The Universities’ Mission to Central Africa (UMCA) was an Anglican missionary society established in the late 1850s. In 1965, the UMCA merged with the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPG) to form the United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (USPG). This collection contains documents relating to the UMCA’s activities in Tanzania, Zanzibar, and Malawi.
  • Missionary correspondence, journals, books, conference papers, press cuttings.
  • Includes their monthly magazine, Central Africa, Vol. 1-82 (1883-1964).
  • Note - Hoover Library has some print issues.
  • Issues are also online in the database 19th Century UK Periodicals.
1932-1961. Not complete.
In Hoover Library and SAL 1/2
The Center for Research Libraries has:
Author Tanganyika. Legislative Council
1931-1961 Not complete.
which includes Minutes of the Legislative Council

Tanganyika. National Assembly.
Parliamentary debates; official report

There are two different records for this title in Searchworks. 
One lists 1962-1964.
In SAL1/2

The other lists 1962-1965.
In SAL 1/2


Tanzania. Bunge.
Parliamentary debates, Hansard; official report
1962-1965. Not complete


Tanzania. Bunge.
Kanuni za 
Bunge la Tanzania = Standing orders of the National Assembly of Tanzania
1966, 1970, 1978, 1981
In KiSwahili and English.

Tanzania. Bunge.
Majadiliano ya 
Bunge (Hansard), taarifa rasmi [Parliamentary debates of the National Assembly of Tanzania]
1966-1985. Not complete.
In KiSwahili.


Tanzania. Bunge.[National Assembly]
Majadiliano ya Bunge
 [Parliamentary proceedings]
In KiSwahili
[Dodoma] : Bunge la Tanzania
Legislative debates of the National Assembly of Tanzania.
The current Hansards are on the Tanzania Parliament web site from 2013 +


Tanganyika. [Provincial and district books]
Dar es Salaam, Printed by the Govt. Printer. 27 reels
In Hoover Library Microfilm DT449.A1A3
Covers c. 1920s - 1950s

There is no inventory, but see Nassor, Muhammed H., 
Guide to the Provincial (Regional) and District Commissioners' Annual Reports. National Archives of Tanzania, 1977. 56 p.
Hoover Library Stacks CD2487.N38

The Center for Research Libraries also has the Regional and District Books.
28 reels


LLMC Law Library Microform Consortium.
Stanford has a subscription to this database.which has -
Zanzibar Legislation 1923-1935
Tanganyika Laws, Penal Code, Ordinances, East Africa High Commission Acts, etc.


Records of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania in Moshi, Tanzania (EAP099)
In German and Kiswahili. Leipzig Mission Records from 1895 to mainly 1930, some up to 1950s.. 5 dioceses: Northern, Pare, Arusha, Meru and Central.
church registers (births, baptisms, communion, catechists, marriages, funerals)
mission council records
education records
files on individual missionaries, notably Bruno Gutmann, and on African teachers, pastors and evangelists
first prints of hymnals and portions of the Bible in African languages.


East African Life-Writing and Colonial History: New Perspectives from EAP Tanzanian Church Records
Swahili-language essays, written in 1913 by young men at a German-led teacher training school. Records of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania about early experiences of German colonial rule, reasons for conversion, and the impact of missionary activities on indigenous communities. From the British Library, Jan. 7, 2022. 

German Colonialism in the British Library Collections has a link to the account in German, Reisen in Ost-Afrika, ausgeführt in dem Jahren 1837-55, etc. by Johann Ludwig Krapf,,a German missionary in East Africa between 1837 and 1855. See his book in English in the library and the full text in Hathi Trust  Also from New York Public Library. - digitized illustrations from the book .