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Newspaper and News Sources: Online U.S. newspapers (Stanford-wide access)

Newspapers and news sources

Newspapers: Online access to U.S. titles with SUNet ID

The Stanford Libraries currently provide campus-wide subscriptions to:

The Washington Post  & The Wall Street Journal.  Stanford community members with SUNet IDs can access them free of charge.  For access to other major international and  U.S. news sources online, please see the News databases section of this guide.

Wall Street Journal (WSJ)

The Wall Street Journal is a daily business-focused newspaper headquartered in New York that includes national and international news. Stanford University access to the Wall Street Journal is provided by the Stanford Graduate School of Business Library.

In order to access this online news site, Stanford folks need to create an account with their Stanford email. Please see the Access FAQ for more information about setting up your free account. If you do not wish to give your personal information to the Wall Street Journal, please use our Factiva database subscription to access recent online WSJ news content.

Washington Post (WaPo)

The Washington Post is a major U.S. daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.. Stanford Libraries has access to coverage from 1977 up to the latest breaking news. Historical coverage is available through databases and microfilm access points.

To access the online edition of the Washington Post, go to the SearchWorks record, then click on the "E-Journal Subscription" link. You be prompted to enter your SUNet ID. Alternatively, you can connect by going directly to the Washington Post Web Site, as long as you are ON campus or have your browser set to use the PROXY link services.

NOTE: Once you authenticate using your SUNet ID, there is no need to create an individual sign-on and no need to pay anything extra for access. The Stanford Campus-wide Access is optimized for web browsers ONLY on computers or mobile devices, not via the WaPo mobile application.

For online access to other current news and newspapers, please see the News Database and International News sections of this guide to access to other major national and international newspaper titles and articles.