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Learn how to create and maintain an ORCID record and ways it can be used to support your research activities and career.

ORCID integrations with online tools

In addition to profile systems like SciENcv, ORCID also integrates with a variety of other research-related tools giving you essentially a single sign and enabling you to share information about your contributions throughout your research toolchain. Below we've highlighted some tools that connect with ORCID that are popular on campus.

Dryad, the open data repository, requires ORCID IDs for login. Once you've logged in and published a dataset through Dryad, you can be added to your ORCID record as a work. Dryad also allows you to add ORCID IDs for co-authors.
Overleaf, the collaborative LaTeX editor allows you to login with your ORCID ID and connect your ORCID record to your current account. Once your account is linked, your ORCID ID will be included when you submit work to participating publishers. is a repository for recording and sharing up-to-date research methods and protocols. Connecting your ORCID ID with your account allows to post information about your published protocols onto the "Works" section of your ORCID record. 

Building Open Scholarly Metadata Services with ORCID