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Learn how to create and maintain an ORCID record and ways it can be used to support your research activities and career.

Register for an ORCID ID

To register for an ORCID ID, go to:

You will be asked to enter:

  • First and last name
  • Primary email
  • Additional email (optional)
  • Password
  • Visibility settings
  • Notification settings
  • Terms of use


Accidentally register two ORCID IDs? Remove the duplicate.

Has your name changed?  Watch How to edit your name on how to add other names that you are also known by in your ORCID record.

Additional email: The most common Help request to ORCID is from users who are unable to access their record because they have left an institution and their primary email address is no longer valid.  So including an additional email address is recommended.  See: Add an alternate sign-in account with Google, Facebook, or your institution.

For visiblity settings

How to register for an ORCID ID

Account settings in ORCID

After you have registered and signed in, in the upper right corner under your name is your Inbox, Developer Tools, and Sign Out.  Be sure to review and select your Account Settings (see list below).

  • Email and notification preferences
  • Language display preferences
  • Password
  • Visibility preferences
  • Deactivate account
  • Remove duplicate [ORCID] record
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Download all my data


Your account settings also display your lists of

  • Trusted Organizations are those to which you have granted permission to interface with your ID and record, e.g., when submitting a manuscript or grant application.  You decide whether to grant this access and you may revoke it at any time. To add a "Trusted Organization," you will need to create an account and login on that organization's website.  Learn more
    • Please note: ORCID supports long-lasting permissions, allowing you to grant trusted organizations access to read and update your ORCID record for up to 20 years, or until you revoke permission from your account settings. The trusted organization uses these long-lasting permissions to continuously update your ORCID record with new information in its system. ORCID calls this auto-update. Auto-updates are key to achieving the ORCID mantra of enter once, re-use oftenLearn more
  • Trusted Individuals are other ORCID ID holders to whom you have granted permission to update your ORCID record.  You decide whether to grant access to them and you may revoke access at any time.  Learn more
  • Alternate sign in accounts - Sign in with any email address associated with your ORCID record, your 16-digit ORCID ID URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), or a linked institutional account or social media account.  Learn more

Make Stanford a Trusted Organization for your ORCID record

To authorize Stanford University as a trusted organization to read your information with visibility set to Trusted Parties.

Go to

How to add a trusted individual to your ORCID record

Example: Making ACS Publications and ACS a Trusted Organization in your ORCID ID

Linking your ORCID ID with your American Chemical Society (ACS) Publications


Linking your ORCID ID with your American Chemical Society (ACS) ID

  1. Login to your ACS account
  2. Go to Would you like to connect your ACS ID to your ORCID Account?  Click on Link Account button.