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LexisNexis API: Available Content

Information about accessing and using the LexisNexis Web Services API (WSAPI)

Available Content

Stanford Authorized Users have access to News and Legal (US Federal and State) content through the LexisNexis API. Note that the API does not provide access to all NexisUni content.

Users can preview available News and Legal content in NexisUni. Select Menu and then All Sources.

In NexisUni select "Menu" and then "All Sources"

To filter for News and Legal content, under Narrow By - Category, click “Select multiple.” Then in the pop-up, select News and Statutes and Legislation. Finally, click OK.

Narrow by category in NexisUni

Select categories in NexisUni

For more details about a source of interest, click the three vertical dots and then Get more information.

Click the three vertical dots and then "Get more information"

Example of detailed information about publication coverage in NexisUni