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LexisNexis API: Specification Summary

Information about accessing and using the LexisNexis Web Services API (WSAPI)

Specifications Summary

Stanford has 2 (two) seats for the LexisNexis API. Each seat has an associated Client ID and Secret.

The Client ID and Secret can be used to access the Web Services API User Interface (UI) and generate an access token. The Web Services API UI includes the full LexisNexis Web Services API Specification.

Between these 2 (seats), Stanford Authorized Users are allowed 24,000 Searches / 1,200,000 Documents annually. These limits are collective.

API calls return JSON.

API requests have default throttle levels that allow for:

Search Type Description Searches per Min Searches per Hour Searches per Day Documents per Day
BatchRetrieve Full-text articles 5 200 1000 50,000 docs per day/per ID
Search Metadata-only 125 1500 12000 600,000 docs (metadata) per day/per ID
  • A single "search" is equal to fifty (50) documents. A search that exceeds 50 documents will count as multiple searches. For example, a search that retrieves 150 documents will be counted as 3 searches.
  • A “document” is defined as the metadata and/or full-text of a news article or a legislative bill.
  • A single day is measured from midnight to midnight the following day.
  • As users approach throttle limits, they may notice reduced performance.