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Asian and Asian American community at Stanford University: Serial Publications

After using this guide, Stanford Libraries users will be able to identify and access primary and secondary sources about the history of the Asian and Asian American community at Stanford University.

Stanford Daily Archives

Stanford Daily Archives

Providing a firsthand account of life at Stanford from 1892-2014, issues in the Stanford Daily Archives are presented as originally printed, accompanied by a sidebar featuring articles in plain text. The collection is accessible via a calendar interface, and also keyword searchable. More recent historical content can be found on the live Stanford Daily website.

Stanford University Publications and Ephemera Collection

Stanford University publications and ephemera collection, 1885-2011

The publications and ephemera collection contains a variety of materials relating to Asian and Asian American students at Stanford, especially under the call numbers 7750 AASA and 7980. The collection can also be searched for more general terms within the Online Archive of California.

Stanford publications can also be accessed via a the Stanford Publications Spotlight exhibit.

Content related to Asian and Asian American students at Stanford University includes:


Stanford University student yearbook. 


Stanford University admissions office publication. 

Stanford University Asian American Student Alliance bi-weekly newsletter.

Stanford University Associated Students bi-weekly bulletin (pre-cursor to the Asian American Activities Center Bulletin).

Stanford University Asian American Students Association monthly publication offering perspectives on issues relevant to the Asian American community.


Stanford University Asian American Activities Center monthly bulletin.

Stanford University Asian American women's publication that inspired a later journal of the same name in 1989.

Stanford University publication of Asian American culture, creativity and politics.

Stanford University Asian American Activities Center campus community guide.


Stanford University Asian American Activities Center quarterly newsletter.


Stanford University Korean students publication.

Academic journal published by the Asian Studies program in Stanford’s Center for Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity.

There are more student publications to explore in the physical archives, including the Asian American Student Association newsletter, and The Tri-Stater. Newspapers and magazines founded by members of local Asian communities from the 1940s-1980s can also be found, such as East-West, an English/Chinese bilingual newspaper, and Current Life, a Japanese American magazine. The East Asia Library (EAL) on campus also has newspaper collections covering issues of the Asian diaspora.

Sandstone & Tile

Sandstone & Tile

Published by the Stanford Historical Society, Sandstone & Tile contains articles about Stanford history as well as news about Stanford Historical Society activities and the University Archives.

Content related to the history of the Asian and Asian American community at Stanford includes:

Japanese American student relocation during WWII.

Chinese Students Club at Stanford University (1916-1942).

150th Anniversary of the First Transcontinental Railroad: The Chinese and the Iron Road.