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Map collections and resources: Show and tell

This library guide will introduce you to Stanford Libraries map collections, services, and related resources.

Show and tell


We have many people, both those affiliated and not affiliated with Stanford, using our map and GIS data collections and external resources in dynamic ways, and we are excited to show and tell these projects here. 

If you have completed a relevant project to share here, please let us know!


The following StoryMaps have been created by Stanford affiliates and/or using our map, GIS data, or special collections:

Geospatial Manager Stace Maples teaches EARTHSYS 144: Fundamentals of Geographic Information Science (GIS), which provides an overview of current approaches to the use of spatial data and its creation, capture, management, analysis and presentation in a research context.

For their final projects, the students can use StoryMaps to present their spatial data, analysis, and narrative. Here's what happens:

Fall 2020