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Map collections and resources: California

This library guide will introduce you to Stanford Libraries map collections, services, and related resources.

Maps of California

Maps of California text graphic


At Stanford
Early maps of California depicted the area as an island. Glen McLaughlin collected nearly 800 of these maps over a period of 40 years, which he donated to Stanford. You can learn more about this collection through the "California as an Island in Maps" Spotlight exhibition.

Other maps of California at Stanford can be found on SearchWorks

Outside Stanford

Many local historical societies and museums have great collections of local maps, but many of them have not been digitized. The following institutions or organizations have large collections of online, digitized maps of California.

Calisphere hosts the digitized collections of the campuses of the University of California and partner organizations.

The California Historical Society has a portion of their map collection online.

Maps at the California State Library.