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How It Feels: [exhibit by Ava DeConcini in Green Library]: If you need help

Explicit content warning: This guide accompanies an art installation which contains descriptions of sexual assault and prompts viewers/readers to think about the impact of those assaults on campus life.

Stanford community resources

If you need help: Here are some Stanford community resources.

Vanden Health Center  - CST (Confidential Support Team)

Confidential Support Team (CST) 24/7 Hotline at 650.725.9955.

Stanford’s Confidential Support Team (CST) is a free and confidential campus service offering support and counseling to students impacted by sexual, relationship, and gender-based violence or harassment. CST is part of Student Health and is not associated with the SHARE Title IX Office.

Speaking with CST will not result in a report being made to the Title IX Coordinator.

To reach CST, a student can call the 24/7 Hotline at 650-725-9955 or book an initial visit online.

Watch this video for an introduction to CST.  [video link location:]

The YWCA at Stanford is a confidential, independent resource for survivors. Some of the services offered include: criminal and systems advocacy, court accompaniment, Sexual Assault Forensic Exam accompaniment, personal advocacy, counseling and crisis support, therapy, support groups, safety planning, and legal services. Speaking with the YWCA will not result in a report being made to the Title IX Coordinator.

YWCA advocates are reachable via a 24/7 hotline at 800.572.2782.

* Please note that some of the services offered by CST and the YWCA are location-dependent. However, both organizations are able to provide short-term crisis support regardless of location and are able to connect students with local resources.

To make a report of prohibited sexual conduct: The SHARE Title IX Office remains open and available during normal business hours for remote or telephone meetings and consultations.

Contact the SHARE Title IX Office via email at or phone at 650-497-4955.

For non-confidential support in the immediate aftermath of an incident: Residence Deans (RDs) for undergraduates and Graduate Life Office (GLO) Deans for graduate students are on-call 24/7 to assist students experiencing issues anywhere in the world. RDs and GLO Deans are Responsible Employees and must share information regarding prohibited sexual conduct with the Title IX Coordinator.

The RD on Call can be reached at 650-504-8022 and the GLO Dean On Call can be reached at 650-723-7288 --(pager ID 25085).