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Using SearchWorks: Searching the library catalog and articles+: Cite, select, email results

This guide provides general tips on using SearchWorks and the articles+ search feature to find materials in the Stanford Libraries catalog and across a wide range of subscribed databases.

Cite, select, email results


Save relevant items during your search session to email, export, etc.

  1. Check the Select checkbox associated with an item to add it to your list.
  2. The Selections option in the top menu bar shows the total number of items you have selected. When you click Selections, you'll see the 3 most recent items added to the list.
  3. To see all your selected items, select Show list in the Selections dropdown.

On your Selections list, actions affect only the items on the current page. If you have more than 20 selections, you can set the "per page" option to a higher number, so that you can export more items at one time.



On an item page, or on your Selections list, click Cite.

SearchWorks will display the ALA, MLA, and Chicago citation formats for the item(s), for you to copy and paste to a document.



On an item page:

  1. Click Send to...
  2. Select Text.
  3. Enter a phone number, and select the carrier.
  4. Click Send.

The text includes the title and link to the item page. 

Selection lists cannot be shared via text, because of the character limitation of the text message.



On an item page, or on your Selections list:

  1. Click Send to...
  2. Select Email.
  3. Enter an email address and (optional) message.
    (Note: you cannot send email to more than one address at a time.)
  4. Click Send.

The "from" address of the email is ""


Export to bibliography management tools

You can send items to RefWorks or EndNote from SearchWorks. On an item page, or on your Selections list:

  1. Click Send to...
  2. Select the tool you want.
  3. You will be directed to login to your account on the service website.



On an item page, or on your Selections list:

  1. Click Send to...
  2. Select Printer.

Your brower's printer dialog will open. 

The print formats for search results vary by the currently-selected view (Normal, Gallery, Brief).