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Writing data management plans

Information to help you understand what a data management plan is, what your funder requires, what resources are available to help you with your plan, how to use the DMPTool to create a draft plan, and how to contact the DMP service for help with your pla


DMPTool Build your data management plan


Stanford University Libraries provides access to the free, online Data Management Planning (DMP) Tool. Sign on with your Stanford credentials and the DMPTool will walk you through the requirements for your funding agency and help you compose a data management plan that will meet those requirements. The tool includes templates along with a wealth of information and assistance to guide you through the process of creating a ready-to-use DMP for your specific research project and funding agency.

Sample plans

The DMPTool provides access to approximately 1000 plans on their public plans page. These plans can be filtered by institution and funder and may provide helpful examples or ideas to help you get started with writing a plan for your project. 

Persistent Identifiers

The DMPTool can create a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for your data management plan. You can also include identifiers for yourself and your collaborators (ORCIDs), your institutions (RORs), funding agencies (Funder Registry IDs), and for your data repository (re3data IDs).


Plan export

Once you've completed your plan in the DMPTool, you'll be able to download a copy in a variety of formats (.pdf, .docx, .txt, .csv, .json, or .html) for further editing or integration into the rest of your funding proposal package.

View of the DMPTool

Screenshot of DMPTool interface

Standardized SDR language for DMPTool

You may decide as part of your plan that you want to use the Stanford Digital Repository to preserve and share your research outputs. If you do, we have composed text that you can cut and paste into your plan to provide the type of information that funders typically ask for about your chosen repository. The best place for this is in the section of your plan that addresses preservation.

This text is also available in the DMPTool to make it super simple for you to copy it into your plan.

Cut-and-paste Stanford Digital Repository text

"Data will be preserved and shared via the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR), a service built and run by Stanford Libraries. Datasets and other content in any format can be deposited into the SDR and made available immediately to the world via open access licenses and at no cost to the end user. Depositors can choose to have a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) assigned to their dataset, which is available at a persistent URL along with the required metadata describing the content. ORCID iDs may be included for every author. Datasets are replicated multiple times and stored in geo-diverse locations on different media types, providing long-term data management and data integrity. The stable technical infrastructure and dedicated staffing by digital preservation experts, funded by the University, ensures the long-term availability of the datasets."