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Research art songs & lieder: Browse the shelves

After reading this guide, you will be able to use tools to find literature, scores, and recordings on songs and singing

What's on the shelves

  Singing and Vocal Techniques
     MT820  General works
     MT821  Physiology and Care of the voice
     MT823  History of vocal instruction and study
     MT870  Sight-singing
     MT878  Breathing
     MT882  Tone production
     MT883  Pronunciation; diction
     MT885  Studies and exercises
     MT892  Interpretation, phrasing, expression

Suggested Reading


A comprehensive survey of art song literature has been the principal one-volume American source on the topic. Includes biographies and discussions of the work of 150 composers of various nationalities, as well as articles on styles of various schools of composition.

Art Song

Linking Poetry and Music is a follow-up to author Carol Kimball's bestselling Song: A Guide to Art Song Style and Literature .

German Lieder in the Nineteenth Century

German Lieder in the Nineteenth-Centurynbsp;provides a detailed introduction to the German lied.

Bel Canto

The art of bel canto, or "beautiful singing," the most referenced and yet the most enigmatic and elusive style in the repertoire of the classically trained singer.


What is it in singing that makes for high quality, deeply moving performances?

Listening to Art Song

Listening to Art Song: An Introduction offers an easy-to-read, fresh perspective on the remarkably diverse musical genre of art song. As the ultimate expression of the human singing voice, song has provided succor and entertainment to humanity in many forms since the dawn of civilization.