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Korean e-resources: Library catalogs

This guide provides a selective list of electronic resources related to Korean studies.

Library catalogs

How to search for Korean-language resources in SearchWorks

There are three different ways of searching for Korean language resources in SearchWorks.

1. Search in Hangul (한글)/Hancha(한자)

Titles/authors/keywords can be searched in Hangul and/or Hancha (Chinese characters used by the Koreans). SearchWorks currently does not do character mapping between Hangul and Hancha. If the title or name of the author or publisher could be written in Hancha on a publication, it is a good idea to perform two separate searches: one in Hangul and another in Hancha. For example, when searching 최인훈, a book titled 徐基源 ・崔仁勲 will not be retrieved, since 최인훈 is not included in the catalog record of the book. Therefore, you need to perform another search for 崔仁勲.

2. Search in Romanized Hangul

Romanize the Korean title/author/keyword following the Library of Congress Korean Romanization and Word Division rules. Diacritics are not needed when romanizing Hangul for searching in SearchWorks. For example, according to the LC Romanization rules 최인훈  or 崔仁勲 is romanized Ch’oe In-hun. However, when you search, just type Choe In-hun (no need to capitalize any words either).

3. Search using English keywords

English keywords can also be used to find Korean language books, since the subject words in the cataloging records are written in English. For example, in order to find books on 한국의 노동운동, keywords “Korea labor movement” can be used. If you wish to see only the resources written in the Korean language, you can limit your search results by choosing "Korean" under “Language” in the left sidebar of SearchWorks.