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Qualitative research: Find studies

This guide is an interdisciplinary resource for individuals who study and use qualitative methods.

Journals + community performances

If you simply want to browse qualitative studies, journals that might be of interest are listed below. 

Beyond publishing in scholarly journals, some qualitative researchers do participatory research that includes community dialogues and performances. To find this work, use search terms such as "forum theater," "performance ethnography," "photovoice," and "theatre of the oppressed" in the search bars for Google and Youtube.  

Umut Erel et al. (2017) "Participatory theatre for transformative social research" SEE Qualitative Research journal
Sonali Shah (2018) "Polio monologues: translating ethnographic text into verbatim theatre" SEE Qualitative Research journal.







You can use Stanford Libraries' databases to find qualitative studies on your topic by including "qualitative" or a specific qualitative method (e.g., "ethnography") in the abstract field. 

New to library databases? See How to Search DatabasesFor help with advanced searches, contact a subject specialist.