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Brainstorming search terms : Exercise: Brainstorming resources for your RBA

how to improve your literature search by brainstorming search words

Exercise: Brainstorming for Resources

Note: when you start your RBA you are going to make an ARGUMENT that you are then going to have to SUPPORT with EVIDENCE.

Following these steps will make your make your work simpler:

  1. In one sentence, describe the topic you plan to write about.
  2. What types of evidence would you like to find on your topic? (think: exhibits/primary sources; arguments/essays, scholarly sources, editorials, reviews). 
  3. Ask a librarian where you might find each of these exhibits (list some here). Are there particular dates, or authors, or demographics you want to focus on? 
  4. Brainstorm search terms – you may have to use different terms for each of your resources (database, catalog, etc.)

Download the Word Document, and complete the exercise.