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Guides best practices: Maintenance and help

After using this guide, Stanford Libraries staff will be able to build, assess, and maintain research guides that address specific information needs.

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Find and fix broken links


Links break. 
Luckily, LibGuides has a Link Checker that you can use to easily find and fix broken links. Due to the relatively short lifespan of database links, we recommend that you use this tool every quarter to find and fix any broken links in your guides.


Sunset out-of-date guides and fix inaccurate information

Library guides are not meant to last forever. Library users change. Library services change. Library guides should too.
At least once a year, we ask that you read over all your guides to find and update information that has become out-of-date and/or inaccurate. If one of your guides is no longer relevant, we ask that delete your guides or change the guide status to unpublished.