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Guide to student publishing

Explains why students should publish their academic works in a repository, how to make the most of depositing their works, and where to get started with academic repository publishing.

Get started publishing your work

You've decided to deposit your scholarly work in the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR), where do you start?

Many student works are deposited as part of larger collections that are managed by people across Stanford's campus. If your work falls into one of the categories below, start first by contacting the person indicated:

Course project contact your course instructor to see if all the projects from your class are being collected in one place
Honors thesis and capstone projects contact the person in your department who manages honors theses or capstones, often a student services officer/coordinator
Individual project or research check with your project or research advisor to see if they have an existing lab or advisee collection

You can also check our list of current participating departments and programs to see if an appropriate group for you is listed there.

If you can't identify someone to talk with, please feel free to contact us at and let us know what you'd like to deposit and what department, program, instructor, or faculty member you're working with, if appropriate. We'll have you depositing your work in no time!