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Standards, codes, methods, and protocols: COVID response

An overview of the standards available at Stanford

Standards released to the public in response to COVID

Several librarians across the United States have been petitioning ISO and ANSI to release or open up access to several critical standards in the response efforts to the COVID-19 pandemic. ANSI has announced a portal that contains several of these important standards, including standards for the fabrication of ventilators and standards for incident management response, released to the public. Several ISO standards have been released, and you can access them by visiting the links below. In addition, AAMI, IEEE, and ASTM have each also opened up several standards for this research as well.

These standards include procedures for fabricating masks and face shields, creating hand sanitizers and other PPE such as gloves or gowns, fabricating ventilators and respirators, and incident management response.

For ISO standards through ANSI, first time visitors should register and go to this site. Those who already registered on that site should go to this site to access those standards.

More information from ANSI about their release is here. More information from AAMI about their release is here. More information from IEEE about their release is here. More information from ASTM about their release is here.

Use cases from the Stanford community