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PWR 1KA: Rhetoric of Innovation: Transformations and Missed Opportunities: Discovering articles and e-books in SearchWorks Articles+

A library research guide for PWR 1KA: The Rhetoric of Innovation: Transformations and Missed Opportunities

Find articles and e-books in Searchworks Articles+

You can use SearchWorks Articles+ to find articles.

Articles + search screen

You can limit your results using the limiting facets on the left of the results list. Articles+ results include articles from magazines, newspapers, academic journals, and much more.

limits in articles +

SearchWorks Articles + is particularly good for finding articles where you already know the citation.

You can search for an known article by title (using quotes is more efficient). Type the title of the article in the search box. You can select "Article title" from the search options. You can also choose to search "all fields" and put more information, such as author and journal title.

example entering title of an article in the title field of Searchworks Articles+

Article results from Searching for known title search

If there is no access to full text, uncheck the box that says "Direct access to full text", and click on the link to "Find full text or request"

In the "Find it" page, "Request from Stanford interlibrary service providers" (select appropriate provider). A request form will open up with all the citation information filled in.