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Janos Frecot Collection at Stanford Libraries: Collection Categories (English translation)

The writer, artist, photographer, and cultural historian Janos Frecot (1937-) assembled a substantial collection of circa 1500 books and monographs and approx. 250 periodicals related to the Lebensreform (social reform) movements in Germany, 1840-1920.

Collection Categories (English translation)

Periodicals (circa 250 titles)

Monographs (circa 1500)

  1. Vegetarianism, nutrition, fasting, naturopathy, the art of living well ("Lebenskunst")
  2. Land reform, open land movement, settlement movement, garden city movement
  3. Body reform movement, nude culture, physical education movement, clothing reform movement, dance, music
  4. Sexual issues, hygiene, marriage, family
  5. Youth, Wandervogel movement, youth movement
  6. Women
  7. Social questions, social reforms, social utopias, socialism
  8. School reform, independent schools, education
  9. Reform of the soul: Theosophy, Anthroposophy (Rudolf Steiner)
  10. Occultism, astrology, hypnosis, spiritualism, world theory, World Ice Theory ("Welteislehre"), sects
  11. Intellectual reform: philosophy, religious renewal, ethical reform, worldview theories
  12. Friedrichshagen Circle (Bölsche, Brüder Hart, Hauptmann, Hille, Mühsam, Pastor, Wille and others)
  13. Profascist literature: German extremism ("Deutschtumelei") and nationalist art ("Heimatkunst"), "conservative renewal", cult of the superhuman, Ariosophy and Germanism. Anti-Semitism.
  14. General topics, cultural history, the history of behavior