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Niger News and Newspapers, Niger Actualités: Niger News and Newspapers

Niger news, Niger newspapers, Niger Actualités

Niger News and Newspapers

In French. News - politics, culture, education, sport, health, technology, etc.

Agence Nigerienne de Presse
In French Government news. - Niger News
Current news from African and U.N. sources. Company formed from a merger with the long-time publisher of Africa News (Durham, North Carolina). 
In French. Politics, economy, sports, society, culture, technology, diaspora.

BBC - Africa News

Bonferey TV (Niamey)
Privately owned TV and radio station. Broadcasts in French, Hausa, Djerma, Arabic and Fulfulde.

CNN - Africa News

Deutsche Welle (DW) - Niger News
In English. Very current news. Funded by Germany's taxes.

Les Échos du Niger
In French. Online newspaper, investigative reporting. Facebook page.

In French. Daily newspaper. Politics, economy, society. Its Publisher was arrested April 2024 when the newspaper reported on Russian activity in Niger.

L'Evénement Niger
In French. Independent news organization. Society, politics, economy, sports, health, investigations (Niger and the Pandora Papers, uranium mining). Part of Free Press Unlimited.

France 24 - Niger
In French.  French Govt. owned.

Video news, news from print newspapers.

IciNiger (Niamey)
In French. Politics, health, economy, agriculture, education, society, culture, sports.  "une publication du groupe BACHOTIC Informatique et multimédia."

Labari (Niamey)
In French. Politics, economy, society, etc.  Radio & Television LABARI (RTL-Niger) is a private media group broadcasting 24 hours a day.

Mides-Niger, Magazine d'Information sur le Développement Economique et Social 
In French. Privately owned. Development, economy, society, governance. Includes news from embassies in Niger. Its Manager is investigative joujrnalist, Ms. Samira Sabou, who has been imprisoned in the past for her reports on the government.  

Subscription required. Some universities subscribe.

Nexis Uni
Subscription required. Many universities subscribe. News from Agence France Presse, African and world-wide news sources.  Can select language of publication.

Niger Diaspora
In French. Politics, society, education.

Niger Express
In French. News - politics, economics, culture, health, etc.

Niger Inter
In French. Current news, analysis. Based in Niamey, Niger.

Office de radiodiffusion télévision du Niger, ORTN
In French. "l’entreprise publique audiovisuelle qui édite la chaîne de télévision Télé Sahel et la radio Voix du Sahel." Based in Niamey, Niger.

Radio Anfani Zinder - Facebook Page
Privately owned station. Has video.

Radio Télévision Gaskia Zinder

RFI - Afrique
In French. Radio France Internationale, French Govt. owned station.

Sabou, Samira - Facebook Page
Journalist from Niger.  Was arrested by the Niger military government September 2023 for her reporting activities.

Sahel and Sahel Dimanche - Office National d'Edition et de Presse
In French. Site for the print newspaper. Politics, society, culture, sports, economy.|

In French. Politics, society, economy, etc. Can download Tamtam magazine. Issue No. 10 is on U.S.-Niger relations and the 2022 US-Africa Summit.

Le Témoin de l’Histoire (Niamey)
The Editor closed his site due to threats.    Its Editor, Sahiana Maman Hassan, also called  Soufiane Hassane, was threatened July 28, 2023 and closed his site. His Facebook page remains up.

United Nations, ReliefWeb - Niger
Humanitarian relief news. Maintained by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).