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That's Entertainment! The Rhetoric of Hollywood's Inequities: Recommended Databases

A library research guide for PWR 1KTA : That's Entertainment! The Rhetoric of Hollywood's Inequities. Fall 2022 . Kathleen Tarr

Recommended Databases for researching bias in the entertainment industry

You can search for scholarly and  non-scholarly articles using Searhworks Articles +, but Articles + is most valuable when you are searching for a known title or author.

Google Scholar is one way to search for articles. Databases add extra functionality, and the results are dependent on the subscriptions to journals and magazines Stanford pays for -- a lot more than you will find in Google Scholar -- and the databases are curated by subject area experts.

It's always useful to use the selected databases Academic Search Premier and  Proquest Research Library but these additional databases will help you research topics in more depth once you choose a particular perspective to explore:

See for example this article found searching FIAF titled: The Culture Behind Closed Doors: Issues of Gender and Race in the Writers' Room