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Remote teaching and research resources for Middle East Studies: Remote resources

Digitized Newspapers

Cumhuriyet (Turkish Newspaper)

  • Subscription includes access to current issues and digitized archive, including all issues dating back to January 1930.
  • Users can search the database by date or by keyword (OCR) 

al-Ahram (Egyptian Newspaper)

  • Database includes 45,012 issues, dating from 1875-2015
  • Users can search database by date or keyword (OCR)

Center for Research Libraries

  • Variety of Digital Collections from different universities and libraries (which are part of the CRL consortium).
  • Includes some Arabic newspapers and historic documents

E-books and textbooks

A number of publishers have lifted paywalls and restrictions to allow access to e-resouces during the COVID-19 outbreak, including:


If there is a particular e-resource that you need for teaching, please email me ( and I will see if we can get access.

Video and audio resources


  • Movie Streaming Database, includes many titles from Middle Eastern Cinema
  • Go to Searchworks and search for "Kanopy." Click on the link to access Kanopy site. 
  • You can also search directly in Searchworks for Kanopy movie titles

Kanopy also offers selections from "The Great Courses." Check out the website for a full list, but here are a few titles related to the Middle East:

Each course is made up of 20-35 episodes that you can select from. I strongly recommend watching each episode in full before assigning it, to make sure that its presentation and narrative are consistent with your teaching goals.


Ottoman History Podcast

  • Podcast about the history and culture of the Ottoman Empire, the modern Middle East, and the Islamic world
  • Episodes are around 50-60 minutes and typically feature a scholar discussing their research.
  • Episodes also include relevant bibliographies
  • Podcast series include:
    • Women, Gender, and Sex in the Ottoman World
    • Urban Space in the Ottoman World
    • History of Science
    • Continuity and Transformation in Islamic Law


New Books Network


Digital primary sources

Adam Matthew Digital


UCLA International Digital Ephemera Project

  • Online collection of digitized and digital print, images, multimedia, and social networking resources produced worldwide
  • Includes videos, sound recordings
  • Good resource for student research projects related to current events, such as Arab Uprisings and Political Movements in the Middle East. Highlights include:
    • Tahrir Documents
      • Collection of videos, text, posters, poetry, songs, pamphlets, and other ephemera related to the Egyptian protest movement of 2011.
    • Iraqi, Kurdish, and Yazidi Documents 
      • Multiple collections related to political and cultural phenomena in Iraq and Kurdistan. Includes posters, interviews, advertisements, photographs, films, and other ephemera.
    • Iranian Green Movement
      • Collection of images, videos, and text from social media and print sources related to the protest movement after the 2009 election in Iran. Includes material from within Iran and around the world.
    • Palestinian Museum Digital Archive
      • Large collection of clippings, photographs, letters, legal documents, posters, and other ephemera related to Palestinian culture and history
    • Archived Websites and Social Media
      • Captured digital material related to a variety of topics, including Armenian Politics, ISIS, Turkish-Kurdish LGBT Movements, Turkish political unrest, and Muslim Brotherhood, among other topics.


Wellcome Library Digitized Arabic Manuscripts

  • 500 volumes of manuscripts from 10th-20th centuries
  • Topics include medicine, pharmacology, cosmology, alchemy, cooking


Eckstein Albums, Skilliter Center for Ottoman Studies 

  • Photographs from 1930's Anatolia, taken by a German Jewish physician and photographer.


Arabic Collections Online

  • Publicly available digital library of public domain Arabic language content.
  • ACO currently provides digital access to 14,183 volumes across 8,675 subjects drawn from rich Arabic collections of distinguished research libraries.


Language resources


Ottoman Turkish Database/Dictionary. To access the website, make sure your VPN is turned OFF. You should be prompted to login with your SUNet ID, which will grant you access to the website.


Contemporary Sources

Muftiship Web Archive 

  • Preserves websites and online ephemera of muftis and Islamic jurists from around the world