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Burkina Faso News and Newspapers, Burkina Faso Actualités: Burkina Faso News and Newspapers, Burkina Faso Actualités

Burkina Faso news and newspapers online. Burkina Faso Actualités.

Burkina Faso News and Newspapers, Burkina Faso Actualités


Les Affaires
In French. Economic, business news. Interviews. In the media group of the independent Burkina24. - Burkina Faso
Fairly current news from PANA (the Dakar based news agency created to provide an African perspective on news events), and other sources. Now merged with the former Africa News from Durham, NC. founded by Reed Kramer. [KF]

Agence d'Information du Burkina
In French. News from the Burkina Faso government press agency - politics, economics, culture, sports.

All Eyes on Wagner
"a project focusing on Wagner mercenaries: tracking their activities and verifying claims of human rights and economic abuses. We rely on open source information and witnesses accounts/leads sent to us which are collected, archived and verified."  Some funds from the Open Society Foundation.

In French. Investigative reports. The privately owned newspaper has criticized the Govt. Yacouba Ladji Bama, investigative reporter and director of the news site, was conscripted by the Govt. to serve in the military.  Yacouba Ladji Bama has a Facebook page.

BBC - Burkina Faso

BF1 Television
In French. Privately owned station. Facebook Site.  X/Twitter site. Based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

In French and English. Independent news site. Politics, economy, opinion, sports, technology, culture, obituaries, etc.

Burkina Info (Ouagadougou)
In French and English. Politics, sports, the diaspora, culture, technology.

Centre National de Presse Norbert Zongo
Has a Directory of Media on the Internet, press laws, related web sites, interviews with journalists. Founded 1998 by independent journalists from Burkina Faso. Has a multimedia center open to the public. Operates a library. [KF]

Courrier Confidentiel (Ouagadougou)
In French. Private newspaper. Politics, news on press freedom in Burkina Faso and Mali. Based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Le Député mètre (Ouagadoudou)
In French. Politics, economy, society, education. People profiles,  Current and older news on the National Assembly,  Connected to Le

Evasion (Ouagadougou)
In French. Weekly private newspaper. Published by Le Groupe de Presse "LE PAYS."

Evénement (Ouagadougou)
In French. Bi-Monthly private newspaper.

In French. Exposes disinformation about Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger. Maintained by Burkinabè journalists and bloggers, with support from the Deutsche Welle Akademie. Established 2018. (Ouagadougou)
In French. National, regional news, technology, tourism, culture, etc. Published by Editions Lefaso.

Faso Presse
In French. Portal for Burkina Faso media. Articles from Burkina newspapers.

Journal du Jeudi (Ouagadougou)
"Hebdomadaire satirique burkinabe." In French. Selections from the weekly private Burkina Faso newspaper.
In French, English and 5 other languages. Politics, economy, humor, society, health, etc.

Subscription only; some universities subscribe. Has selected Lexis-Nexis databases. Covers the BBC Summary of World Broadcasts, Agence France Presse, New York Times, Washington Post, Guardian (London), Africa News, Associated Press, TV transcripts, and many more sources. Political, business, cultural news.

Le Monde Diplomatique (Paris)
In French and English. A selection of older articles from the monthly newspaper established in 1954. Also has articles on francophonie. For the English edition, use the Search form to locate articles.
Main page:

Mousso News
In French. News on  women's issues. Brief profiles of male and female diaspora members worldwide. Based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Observateur Paalga (Ouagadougou)
In French. Web site for the private daily and weekly editions of the print newspaper.

In French. Site for the weekly private print newspaper. Site was down 2023 December. The paper criticized the Govt. and its director, Issaka Lingani, was concripted by the Govt. to serve in the military. [See Committee to Project Journalists, Nov. 2023.] Published by Zedcom. [KF]

Pays (Ouagadougou)
In French. Online edition of the print independent daily newspaper. Published by Le Groupe de Presse "LE PAYS. "

Presse Échos - BF1 TELEVISION
Political analysis TV program on the privately owned BFI TV channel. Journalist Isaka Lingani has appeared on the program.  The Russian Wagner group was discussed Dec. 2022 by Isaka Lingani, Atiana Serge Oulon and others.

Radio Omega
In French. Independent radio, TV station. Has been harassed, closed down by the Govt. for reporting information opposed by the Govt. Created 2011. Politics,  culture, sports, etc.  Facebook site.  X/Twitter site. [KF]

Radiodiffusion Télévision du Burkina, RTB
In Fremch. Government TV and radio station. Based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Relief Web - Burkina Faso
In French. From the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). Reports on food and humanitarian needs.

Reporter (Ouagadougou)
In French. Older news. Site is sometimes down. Private newspaper.

RFI - Burkina Faso News
In French and English. Current news from a French radio station.

Sidwaya (Ouagadougou)
In French. Web site of the print daily newspaper. Politics, economy, society, environment, sport, etc.

Studio Yafa
In French. Radio and TV programs cover health, education, environment, press freedom, society, culture. Archived articles cover the 2020 election and covid.. Broadcasts in French, Moore, Fulfuldé, Gulmancéma, Dioula.  A project of the Fondation Hirondelle au Burkina Faso. Founded 2018. Partners include the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and the European Union. [KF]

United Nations, ReliefWeb - Burkina Faso News
Current news. See By Country. Maintained by the UN Dept. of Humanitarian Affairs.

United States. Department of State - Bureau of African  Affairs
Use the Search to locate press releases, articles esp. on Burkina Faso.
In French. On women's and children's issues. Associations, health, people profiles, recipes, fashion, etc. Affiliated with