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Madagascar News and Newspapers, Madagascar Actualités : Madagascar News and Newspapers, Madagascar Actualités

News and newspapers from and about Madagascar, including radio and TV.

Madagascar News and Newspapers, Madagascar Actualités

Agence Malagasy de Presse (Antananarivo)
In French. Politics, economy, society, culture. Older news.

AllAfricaNews- Madagascar
In French and English. Subscription required for the fullest coverage. Formed from a merger with Africa News of Durham, North Carolina.

BBC - Madagascar News

In French. Politics, economy, sport, culture, elections section. Directory of hospitals, police.

L'Écho du Sud
In French. Privately owned newspaper. World news, politics, economy, sports, entertainment. Established 1929 by Louis Cambrézy who was born in France and enlisted in the 13ème régiment d'infanterie coloniale. Site maintained by Ferber Enterprises Madagascar S.A.R.L.U. Based in Toliara (formerly Tuléar), Madagascar.  [KF]

Express de Madagascar (Antananarivo)
In French and Malagasy. Site for the privately owned daily print newspaper. Politics, economy, sports, society, culture, regions.

Gazette de la Grande Ile (Antananarivo)
In French and Malagasy. Site for the daily newspaper. Politics, economy, culture, sports, health, discussion forum. Has cartoons under Caricature. Published by GROUPE MPE.

In Malagasy. Video news in Malagasy. Some older articles in French.

Kolo TV (Antananarivo)
In Malagasy. Kolo TV and radio station Kolo FM 88.8 are owned by Société Malgache de Presse et de Communication, SMPC. They ae in partnership with the Institut de l’Image de l’Océan Indien based in Reunion which trains film/media professionals.

Lakroan'i Madagasikara (Antananarivo)
In Malagasy and French. News, economy, culture, sports, some videos. Founded July 20, 1927 by a layman, transferred to the Diocese of Antananarivo in the 1950s. Published by the Society of Jesus since 1966.

Madagascar Tribune (Antananarivo)
In French. Privately owned. Politics, economy, opinion. Web site of the print newspaper. .

MadOnline (Antananarivo)
In French.  2018 and older news. "written by an association of independent journalists from Madagascar: AsMedia."  Press, politics, economy, society, culture, environment. Publisher: Patricia Randrianasolomanana, Chief Editor: Christian Lehmann.

MATV Madagascar
In French. Privately owned TV station.

Midi Madagasikara (Antananarivo) 
In French and Malagasy. Privately owned. Politics, economy, obituaries. Includes cartoons, videos. Website for the print daily newspaper.

Subscription only; some universities subscribe.  News in French, English.

Les Nouvelles (Antananarivo)
In French. Daily newspaper. Politics, sports, economy, culture, etc.

Orange Actu Madagascar (Antananarivo)
In French. Politics, society, economy.  Maintained by Orange Madagascar.

RFI, Radio France Internationale  - Madagascar News
In English and French. France's news network.

Studio Sifaka (Antananarivo)
In French. Independent news NGO. Society. Election news. Radio news. Youth discussion. Supported by  Fondation Hirondelle. Created by the United Nations in Madagascar.

Television Malagasy, TVM2
In Malagasy. Government national network TV.

Tia Tanindrazana
In Malagasy. Politics, sports, education, culture, society. Includes cartoons in Malagasy (sarisary).

United Nation. Reliefweb - Madagascar
Mainly on natural disasters, humanitarian issues

United States. Embassy. Madagascar - News

La Verité 
In French. Daily print newspaper. Politics, economy, society, culture, sports.

Viva TV Madagascar
In Malagasy or French. The station is reportedly owned by Andry Rajoelina, President of Madagascar (2023)

VOA, Voice of America - Madagascar News
U.S government site.