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Senegal News and Newspapers Online, Senegal Actualités: Senegal News and Newspapers Online

News and newspapers from and about Senegal, West Africa.

Senegal News and Newspapers Online

TV programs. Privately owned. Politics, society, culture, music, economy, sports.

Agence de Presse Senegalaise (Dakar)
In French. Current news from the government press agency. Back issues available online.
Current news from European, NGO, UN sources, etc.

In French. Politics, society, sports, culture, economy, etc.


Senegal TV. channel.

Dakar Actu
In French. Politics, commentary, TV news on YouTube, radio, sports, has a newsletter.

Dakar Matin
In French. Privately owned. Politics, economy, culture, etc.  Its editor, Pape Alé Niang, was arrested in 2022 and 2023 for his reporting including on the opposition politician, Ousmane Sonko. Has a TV channel.

Dakar Poste
In French. Politics, sports. Audio news in Wolof.


  • SenTV -
  • SenTV YouTube - starts automatically
  • ZikFM Radio -

Les Echos
In French. Politics, sports, society, economy, religion, etc. Audio/video news in Wolof.

In French. Politics, society, economy, sports, culture, environment, etc.

In French. Politics, entertainment, sports, commentary.

In French. Short articles. Politics, economy, society, etc. Information on the Pastef (Patriotes africains du Sénégal pour le travail, l'éthique et la fraternité) party.
In French. Politics, governance, economy, society, migrations, extensive articles.

Kéwoulo (Dakar)
In French. Privately owned. Investigative journalism. Politics, Diadia TV news, society, sports, economy, education, religion, etc.

In French. Politics, economy, society, etc. TV news.

Le Monde Diplomatique
In French. Small selection of older articles on Senegal from this major French newspaper.

In French. Politics, culture, economy, society, sports, entertainment figures, crime, etc. Part of the Groupe Futurs Medias founded by Youssou Ndour.

PressAfrik (Dakar)
In  French. Politics, society, economy, sports, etc. Short articles. Has a TV channel.

Le Quotidien (Dakar)
In French. Independent print newspaper. Political, economic, cultural, sports news. Has cartoons, many discussion forums. Began publication 24 février 2003. Published by Société de droit Sénégalais " Avenir Communication Sa ". [KF]

Radio Rfm, Radio Futurs Médias 
In French.  Radio news. Part of the Groupe Futurs Média founded by Youssou Ndour.

In French. Politics, economy, religion, sports, radio news in Wolof.

RTS - Radiodiffusion Télévision Sénégalaise
TV news, radio news, politics, sports, etc. Facebook page. Twitter/X page. Youtube channel.

In French. Independent privately owned site. News about Mauritania and Senegal. Politics, economy, society, health, culture, sports.  Launched 2017. Offices in the U.S., Mauritania, and Senegal.
In French. Politics, society, economy, sports, etc.

In French. Privately owned. Politics, celebrities, sports, TV news on YouTube. Based in Dakar.

In French. Politics, economy, sports, society, interviews, video.

In French. Politics, economy, sports, health,education,  culture, etc.

In French. Politics, reader comments, video news, sports, economy, religion, etc.

In French. Politics, economy, opinion, job openings, TV series, short articles.

Le Soleil (Dakar)
In French. Main daily newspaper. Government newspaper. Has a few past issues.

Sud Quotidien (Dakar)
Online edition of the private daily newspaper. Covers politics, economics, culture, sports.

Tfm, Télé Futurs Medias
Private, widely watched, TV channel.  Part of Groupe Futurs Médias (GFM) founded by Youssou Ndour.

Thiey Dakar
In French. Politics, society, economy, religion. Includes video news.  

United Nations. ReliefWeb - Senegal
Current news on Senegal. Maintained by the UN Dept. of Humanitarian Affairs.

United States. Embassy. Dakar - News and Events

Vie Senegalaise
In French. Politics, economy, religion, sports, regional news.

Walf Net
In French. Independent press. Politics, economy, culture, health, opinion, commentary, sports. Has TV news.

In French. Politics, opinion, sports, links to TV series, radio stations. Commentary by Dr. Cheikh Faye. Based in Dakar.

In French. Politics, society, economy, sports, culture, health, some tabloid type stories.