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Judaism in Africa: Judaism in Africa

Judaism in Africa

Abuyudaya Jews of Uganda
The Kulanu website has articles.

Association of Religion Data Archives
National profiles for each country. Can compare two countries.  Over 1,000 data collections. Need to use statistifcal programs (SPSS, Stata) to use some data files. Has International maps (African continent, countries).  Supported by Lilly Endowment, the John Templeton Foundation, Chapman University, Pennsylvania State University and Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

Index to Jewish Periodicals
Subscription required, many universities subscribe. Find citations to articles on the Jewish community in Kenya, South Africa, etc. Indexes English-language articles, book reviews, and feature stories in more than 160 journals such as Jewish Affairs. Covers from 1988 onwards.

Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews
" Ethiopian-led advocacy and service organization representing Israel's Ethiopian immigrant community. Our goal is to assist in the full and rapid absorption and integration of Ethiopian Jews into mainstream Israeli society." Facts about the community, Ethiopian Jewish culture, history, education & employment initiatives. Based in Jerusalem, Israel. [KF]

Jewish Affairs - Journal of the  South African Jewish Board of Deputies
Issues to download from 2009 to date. History, fiction, poetry, book reviews. Short articles on Helen Suzman, Phillip Tobias.

Jewish Virtual Library - Africa Virtural Jewish History
On the interactive Africa map find information on Jewish history in each country. The Jewish Virtual Library is maintained by the  American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise (AICE) established in 1993 as a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization to strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship. Based in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Journal of Religion in Africa
Subscription required. "...founded in 1967 by Andrew Walls. In 1985 the editorship was taken over by Adrian Hastings, who retired in 1999. It is interested in all religious traditions and all their forms, in every part of Africa,..."  Published by Brill, Leiden, Netherlands. [KF]

Journal of Religious History
Subscription required. Published by the Association for the Journal of Religious History,

JTA Online - Global News Service of the Jewish People
"Jewish Telegraphic Agency is an international news service." Use the Search to locate news articles such as on Ethiopian Jews and Are The Igbos Of Nigeria Jewish?  By George Robinson May 28, 2013.  Based in New York, JTA is a not-for-profit corporation."

" organization.....dedicated to finding and assisting lost and dispersed remnants of the Jewish people." Sells CDs or tape recordings of the music of the Abayudaya Jews of Uganda, raises funds for education of the Abayudaya Jews. Site has articles on Jews in Cape Verde, Ethiopia, Ghana, Uganda, the Lemba in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa, Timbuktu, Mali, the Tutsi in Central Africa. [KF]

Lost Tribes of Israel
Public Broadcasting Service TV program. Anthropologist, Tudor Parfitt, investigates the historical and genetic roots of the Lemba in southern Africa who claim to be one of the Lost Tribes of Israel. Includes the "Mystery of Great Zimbabwe." The Lemba of Southern Africa, who claim ancient Jewish heritage, may have built Great Zimbabwe. Has links to the American Journal of Human Genetics article on DNA linking the Lemba and Jewish priesthood. [KF]

North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry
Non-profit organization founded in 1982. One of its goals is to help Ethiopian Jews survive in Ethiopia. Sells embroidered (Ethiopian design) pillow covers, bags. History of the Beta Israel (House of Israel) community in Abyssinia. Situation of Falashas in Ethiopia. Online newsletter. Based in New York city. [KF]

RAMBI, Index of Articles on Jewish Studies
Free index to journal articles. Find articles on Jews in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, etc. Indexes Jewish Affairs. From the Israel Inter-University Library Network, Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem, Israel.

Rutman, Yisrael - Royal Jew From Swaziland
About Natan Gamedze, translator, linguist, and convert to Judaism. "Gamedze is now a rabbi and teaches Jewish studies in the northern Israeli city of Tzfat where he lives with his wife and son." On the Aish web site. Aish HaTorah "is the vision of American-born Rabbi Noah Weinberg, who founded Aish HaTorah in 1974 to combat alarming assimilation rates." [KF]

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Music can be purchased. Listen to sample tracks.

Tales of Jewish Sudan
"History, Memories and Recipes from the former Jewish Community of Sudan".  "The community was largely active from 1900-1970 and at its peak numbered approximately 250 families".  Maintained by Daisy Abboudi.