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Data sharing

Learn the what, when, where, and how of data sharing.

Where to start

Interior view of Miller Library, photo by Micaela Go/Stanford LibrariesYour funding agency may require that you share the data you've generated during projects they've funded. Your publishers may also require that you share the data that support your articles or publications. 

When you review funder and publisher policies, be sure to look for details such as:

  • what should be included
  • when data publication should be completed
  • what metadata is required and/or recommended
  • whether there are license requirements
  • whether a specific repository is required
  • what accommodations can be made in cases where the data are not shareable or there are limitations on what can be shared.

Funder policies

Check SPARC's Data Sharing Requirements by Federal Agency website for information about US federal agency data sharing plans. To get he most up-to-date information, we recommend that you check your agency's website directly.


Publisher policies

Use the tool below to search for publisher or journal data sharing policies.

You may also want to check your publisher's website directly to verify whether there have been any updates since the Last Reviewed date shown for your search results.

University policies

Exterior detail of the Bing Wing of Green Library, photo by Micaela Go/Stanford LibrariesAll Stanford researchers should check Stanford's University policies that impact data sharing: