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LexisNexis API: API Calls with Postman

Information about accessing and using the LexisNexis Web Services API (WSAPI)

API Calls with Postman

Postman is a web application that can be used to make API calls. Postman is best suited for relatively small API requests.

Use the following instructions to get started with the LexisNexis API using Postman.


 Once you have created a free Postman account, create a Collection.

Create a Collection in Postman


Name your collection. In this example, I named my collection “Test LexisNexis API.” Then click “Add a request to start working.”

Add Request in Postman


Name your request. In this example, I named my request “My Request.” Click “Authorization.” Then, from the “Type” drop-down, select “OAuth 2.0.”

Select Authorization in Postman


Under “Configure New Token,” fill in the “Configuration Options.” Then click “Get New Access Token.”

Field Value
Token Name Enter token name of your choosing
Grant Type Client Credentials
Access Token URL
Client ID Enter Client ID
Client Secret Enter Client Secret
Client Authentication Send as Basic Auth header

Configuration Options for Authorization in Postman


In the subsequent pop-up, click “Use Token.” Now you will be able to make API calls.

Use token in Postman

Get request on Postman


You can copy the searches you developed in the Web Services API User Interface (UI) into Postman (see Build and Test Searches for more details). Click “Send” to make the API call.

Copy GET request string from Web Services API User Inferface

Paste GET request string into Postman