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REWIND: One Day You'll Understand

One Day You'll Understand

Our first event will feature a conversation with Gitai himself on his 2008 film, Plus Tard tu comprendras (One Day You'll Understand). Based on an autobiographical book by Jérôme Clément, president of Arte, the French-German television channel and one of the leading figures of French culture, the film tells the story of a French civil servant tracing the story of his Jewish mother (Jeanne Moreau) and her family during World War II. 

The photo above is taken from Stanford's Amos Gitai film archive. More information on the Gitai archive, including many photos and videos from the production of Plus Tard, can be found here

On Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021, the REWIND team conducted a conversation with Amos Gitai. A recording of the program can be found here